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The importance of team offsites

Posted by The Odigo Group on October 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM PDT
The Odigo Group


Creating a dynamic in the workplace that fosters teamwork often means thinking outside the box as well as physically stepping outside the “box” in which you work.

Isolating an employee inside of a cubicle 40 hours a week is no longer beneficial to the employee or the team as a whole. In fact, getting your team outside of the familiar four walls and into a stimulating environment can inspire employees and prosper business.

At The Odigo Group, our goal for our clients is to “bridge the gap and drive results” no matter what the specific need is. Helping our clients execute how to bridge the gap between team members with the goal of driving positive team dynamics or increased productivity is no exception.

When it comes to getting employees out of the office to improve team dynamics, we believe there are two important types of off site activities: team bonding and team business planning.

Team bonding will not only boost the morale of the team members but can also motivate employees to be more dedicated to their company. Team bonding activities send the message that they are a valued asset worthy of investing in, and if employees feel valued, they will value their company more. Some examples of team bonding activities are taking the team on a special retreat, getting box seats at a baseball game, a ropes course, a dinner cruise, or even offering an incentive for volunteering outside the workplace as a team.

The goal behind an offsite team business planning activity is similar to that of a team bonding activity except the execution is business agenda–focused. A team business meeting is a strategic way to improve team dynamics while facilitating a productive meeting.

A business planning meeting is typically used to acknowledge business objectives and create new ones, align resources, identify gaps, and discuss sales and marketing plans in an environment that is engaging for the team. A team business activity might look like a catered breakfast or lunch with a full agenda. It could include an inspiring speaker with a presentation that relates to the business goals at hand.

Here are four reasons offsite team bonding and business activities are invaluable.

Create open dialog

Team bonding activities, such as a ropes course, enable open communication and trust among employees and between management. Often in corporate settings, there is a perceived gap between leadership and employees. These activities are a perfect way to help bridge that gap and allow the employee to feel that management is reachable.

Promote creativity

A change of scenery causes stimulation that is new and different from working in an office environment. Taking a team outside of their normal setting and allowing them the opportunity for new experiences will almost always drive creativity. Additionally, working together as a team without the distractions of the office can bring out fresh and creative ideas.

Motivate employees

The more comfortable employees feel around their fellow colleagues and management, the more confident they will be to become leaders. This can motivate team members to take on new challenges and feel more confident to utilize their unique talents that may have not been discovered otherwise.

Increase production

Offsite meetings create the opportunity to address challenges and problems without the distraction from their everyday work obligations. If employees are able to focus on the items in the agenda exclusively, they will make more progress in a shorter amount of time than if they were sitting in their office alone. Lastly, two heads are always better than one, so if everyone is engaged on the same topic, it is more likely the work will get done faster and with more quality control.

It is common knowledge that there is a positive correlation between motivation and productivity. So, the more the team members are motivated by either knowing they are valued or looking forward to a little bit of pampering, the more the corporation will thrive as a whole.

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