4 essential components of a GTM campaign

Posted by The Odigo Group on July 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM PDT
The Odigo Group

So, you want to go to market?

Let’s say you have an amazing idea for a product, or an app, or a service. Whatever it is, it’s going to change world. In fact, it is so good that you have gone through the effort of creating it. Now that you have this amazing “something”… what’s next? The world is full of life-changing products; the problem is getting people to recognize and drop their hard-earned dollars on yours.

How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? The best way is to put together a strong and cohesive GTM campaign. A GTM campaign consists of many essential components but must include—at a minimum—these four powerful elements: a value proposition, a data sheet, a pitch deck, and a demo video. Let’s take a look at each in detail.

Value proposition

This is the answer to the only question that really matters to a potential customer: Why should I buy what you’re selling? In other words, what value do you bring to me that’s worth more than the money I would be spending elsewhere and why should I pick you over your competitor(s)?* Your answer to this question must be short, concise, and powerful. It is the core of who you are as a company and why you do what you do. Your answer will serve as the theme for all other elements of your GTM campaign so take some time to find an answer you can stand behind from all angles.

*Rule of thumb: You are never the only one in a marketplace, and if you think you are, you need to do some more market research … right now.

Data sheet

This is an expanded version of your value proposition. It’s a two-page document that gives a potential customer a wealth of information in a short and interesting way. This data sheet should discuss who you are, the pain you are addressing, how you are addressing it effectively/the features of your product, past customer success with your product, and finally, contact information. If you think this is a lot of material to include in a two-page document, you are absolutely right. Every piece of information should be carefully selected. Also, this document needs to be visually appealing and presented in a way that will draw the reader’s eye to everything you want them to see. Often, a customer will make up their mind as to whether or not they are going to buy the product within the first 30 seconds of learning about it, so first impressions are vital.

Pitch deck

This is an expanded version of your data sheet. (Have you noticed a pattern here?) It’s a customer-facing (i.e., presented as though you were selling to a potential customer) slide deck that tells your customer everything they need to know about your product. Use this as an opportunity to go into more depth about each element on your data sheet. Although you have more room in the pitch deck than the data sheet, you should still strive to keep the information concise. Also, you want your pitch deck to be consistent with your other GTM elements not only in your central message but also in visual styling. All elements should be clean and share a stylistic theme; something that looks professional and would appeal to your target market.

Demo video

Presentations and data sheets are great tools but, as evidenced by our social media feeds, nothing captures people’s attention like a video. The other elements of the GTM campaign have been all about outlining the benefits and data behind the project. The demo video is about demonstrating the product itself. However, the internet has also taught us that people like short videos, so don’t get bogged down in the details. This is not a tutorial on how to use the product; it is a brief demonstration of its most important and exciting capabilities. This video should introduce your product, show the context in which it will be used, and how it will solve a pain that currently exists but has not been addressed.

Some companies hire entire teams to create these videos. However, as a budding small business, if you are unable to spend the money to hire a team, don’t fret! Today, most devices capable of filming do so at an incredibly high resolution, even our phones! The accessibility of high-resolution devices coupled with multiple options for free editing software enables even the smallest business to produce a high-quality video. As with all the elements, be thoughtful in what you include and stick to your overall theme.

… and more …

While these four elements should serve as the cornerstone of your GTM campaign, you don’t need to stop with them. They can form the basis from which to build other elements as you identify specific needs associated with your product. Odigo consultants are experts in constructing campaigns tailored to the specific needs of each unique solution and target audience. Visit our consulting services page to learn more about how we can help create the perfect campaign for you.

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