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    Christine Mulcahy

    Christine is an ideas expert. Christine has an innate talent for problem solving and thrives when she’s helping teams and individuals find their creative footing and unlock their potential. With expertise in strategy and development, innovation, and developing compelling content, Christine has the vision and the drive to help businesses achieve maximum impact. Christine is also an avid traveler and enjoys exploring the world with her family.

    Business planning in uncertain times

    January 11, 2023

    It’s funny, isn’t it? The concept of uncertain times … aren’t all times uncertain? And yet, there are definitely times when we feel more confident making long-range business plans or banking on expected returns. These are not those times. With economists debating whether we’re on the brink of recession, mid-way through it, or almost over it, the only certainty we have is that nobody is sure what’s going on in a post-pandemic economy with unpredictable geo-political and cybersecurity risks coming at us from all angles.  

    2022 – A year in review

    December 29, 2022

    Or, when you find yourself on thedark desert highwayof entrepreneurship 

    The growth trajectory that wasn’t … 

    December 22, 2022

    You know the scene on Titanic where the orchestra is playing as if the ship is not sinking? That’s...

    Tips & Tricks for Annual Business Planning

    December 15, 2022

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve come to accept the old Yiddish saying “Mann Tracht, Un Gott...

    Moving from project to product management

    December 8, 2022

    Once upon a time, a prospective client approached us and asked if we could help them launch their...

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at your dinner table

    November 10, 2022

    The sparkle. The cheer. The twinkling lights in an otherwise dark and cold season. The magic,...

    Interactive marketing and customer engagement

    October 20, 2022

    Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a one-way conversation without any opportunity to...

    5 steps to building an impactful Customer Journey

    October 13, 2022

    Building an impactful Customer Journey is somewhat of a journey in and of itself. Mapping your...

    Why a customer journey

    October 6, 2022

    The concept of a Customer Journey isn’t new. You may have also heard it called a Buyer’s Journey...

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