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    Madi Boyd

    Madi takes every opportunity to refine and strengthen her skills that are vital to achieving success as a Project Manager. She is an expert in driving and supporting client programs, managing stakeholder relationships, and curating compelling global marketing strategies and campaigns. In her free time, Madi enjoys exploring new places, running, and spending time with those closest to her.

    The empathetic thinker

    May 3, 2016

    At some point in our careers, it seems we all must experience the pleasures of attempting to collaborate with a person who has earned the description of being “stuck in their ways.” In the business world today, we would refer to someone of this measure as an “egocentric thinker.” Egocentric thinkers believe that their view is the correct or “real” way of thinking about something. In order to obtain success in any business, especially in today’s ever-changing technology industry, it is important to learn what it means to be an “empathetic thinker,” as well as understand ways in which you can help transition an egocentric thinker into becoming an empathetic thinker.